Business Transcription

Business transcription entails crafting a written version of audio or video recordings of focus groups, conferences, meetings, and other corporate correspondence. Written records provide a readily accessible reference, watertight evidence in future litigation and boost business data assets. At most extemporaneous corporate events, seminars, boardroom brainstorming or conferences, there normally no one to jot down notes or typewrite the proceedings. Where needed, these events are preserved as audio feed that transmitted to a professional transcriber. A reliable transcription service provider provides cutting-edge solutions that allow businesses to scale their communication, cut down heavy costs and get flexible turnarounds to hit deadlines.

Police Translation

Most countries require foreign immigrants to lodge along other documents, an official and certified criminal record copy which may be written in the applicants' native language. Screening is used by intelligence and immigration departments to prevent the infiltration of criminals into the host state and has become even more stringent owing to widespread terrorism the world yonder. However, your police-record document must be translated into the official language of the country which you want to immigrate. Professional translators not only ensure flawlessness, high-quality and accuracy but also certify the copy with the translator's signature and company's seal to affirm and authenticate it for legal usage.

Roll Up Captioning

Roll Up Captioning help deaf or hard of hearing viewers to understand TV and other commercials burgeoning your customer base. Unlike the traditional perception, closed caption have gained rapport with bilingual speakers who are learning the narrating language as a second language, viewers who want to access media in certain settings with either noisy backgrounds or silence is mandatory such as public libraries and also improves a child's cognitive ability in any regimen.

Powerpoint Voice Over

Adding voice-over to your PowerPoint presentation can be a powerful means to promote a brand, coach visitors, or act as mini-lecture on a widely-sought sound bite. Conveying your ideas with devices such as graphics and background narration effectively gets your message across than imagery and textual displays. Succinct narrations with in native-fluent form by an elite voice artist in high-end noiseless studios will produce better yields than swapping sprawling slide presentations. Traditional slide presentations couldn't grab the viewers unwavering concentration owing to monotony. Injecting conspicuous images and narration by a proficient voice artist give your listeners focus and allows them to glean the gist of your presentation even better.

Book Typing Services

We provide impeccable book typing, proofreading and formatting for all genres of materials. Our fast turnarounds and competitive rates allow authors and publishers to stay ahead of their deadlines in a competitive environment. We provide 99% accuracy assurance, high-quality and grammatical impeccability. Digitization of your book will bring far-reaching rewards as you penetrate new reader segments online. Similarly, availing your book online increases professional or business visibility leading to increased profits. At the most inexpensive rates, you can document your book online for easier sharing and accessibility readers.

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